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About The Energy
Forward Project

The Energy Forward Project is a campaign of Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading voice for sensible energy and environmental policies for consumers, bringing together families, farmers, small businesses, distributors, producers and manufacturers to support America’s environmentally sustainable energy future. 

As states across the U.S. continue to explore necessarily aggressive policy solutions in the fight against climate change, the Energy Forward Project seeks to empower Delaware communities with a straightforward and unbiased platform to help decode fact from rhetoric in today’s increasingly divisive climate dialogue. With greater public awareness and understanding of our nation’s energy systems, sources and advances in decarbonization technologies, we can make a more rapid and enduring transition to sustainable energy solutions.

We've got to get real.

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As the impacts of climate change continue to accelerate, so too have the politics and weaponization of climate policy. This has left our lawmakers unwilling or unable to propose thoughtful legislation that is truly capable of driving reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at the scale and speed required and resulted in our continued failure to make any real impact on climate change.

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Ideological battles playing out in communities across the U.S. have perpetuated a “win at all costs” approach to climate change mitigation, effectively reducing the vast complexity of energy systems and solutions to those that are “good” or “bad.” This profoundly counterproductive over-simplification works well in political campaigns and media headlines, but fails to support meaningful policy change in our communities. As a result, entire sectors and industries – some at the forefront of decarbonization technology and research – have been left out of the legislative process; our leaders have been forced to craft policy without the full spectrum of mitigation options; and the public must continue to rely solely on campaign messaging, rather than data and science, when considering our climate crisis.

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The planet doesn’t have time for our politics. If we fail to invest in the emerging technologies capable of making measurable changes today; if we overlook the systems that are accomplishing emissions reductions now – if we don’t at least question policy proposals and political campaigns that rely on elusive scenarios that are decades from reality – we will continue to halt real progress and put our futures at risk. Real solutions will require us to connect and engage with one another and to find compromise across industries and ideologies.

And we've got to work together.

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Forging a path to significant reductions in carbon emissions, while protecting jobs, economic recovery and energy reliability, will require us to remove politics from energy and climate policy – to move past an us versus them mentality towards collective action and cross-sector cooperation – to let facts and science, not politics and posturing, be our guide when so much is at stake. We can make measurable progress in the fight against climate change when we’re informed, unbiased and united in a simple commitment to appreciating the complexities of this task.

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All sectors, sources and solutions have a role to play in a more sustainable energy future. Game-changing advances in our efforts to mitigate climate change – from the rapidly growing landscape of renewable technologies to lower-carbon natural gas resources and battery storage – to new collaborations occurring among utilities, states and local governments – are possible when we break down silos, raise collective awareness and equip the broader public with the tools to advocate effectively in the halls of local and state governments.

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Together, we can empower the next generation of informed advocates and help drive real solutions towards a more sustainable energy future. Do your part to increase awareness of the plain (but not always simple) facts about climate and energy policymaking with downloadable graphics for social media.