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Environmental Justice at DNREC


DNREC’s new environmental justice webpage will include a mapping tool that will enable Delawareans to use a wide range of screening criteria for pinpointing areas that have historically been vulnerable to contaminants and other pollution to the state’s land, air and water.

Delaware State Energy Profile

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Workshop Presentation: Delaware’s Low Emission Vehicle Code


Presented at virtual public meetings between Nov. 14 and 17 on electric vehicle infrastructure and clean car regulations that the state is pursuing to reduce transportation-related emissions.

Retrofitting gas turbine facilities for hydrogen blending


Learn how hydrogen provides solutions to reducing the power sector’s GHG emissions, while continuing to utilize existing gas assets. 

Report: The impact of electric vehicles on climate change


This report identifies ways for federal, state, and local leaders and utilities to incorporate EVs as a strategy to achieve GHG emissions reduction targets and prioritize equity while maintaining power reliability.

 Progress or Politics, No. 1: Biogas

Energy Forward Project

 In this first edition of the Progress or Politics Report, we break down some of the recent dialogue around a heavily debated anaerobic digestion project in Seaford, Delaware.

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