The contradictions of climate activism

“This tension has always lurked beneath the surface of left-wing climate activism, whose vision often imagines rich societies accepting a certain austerity, a retreat from the growth mentality of capitalism, a simpler, more ecologically wholesome way of life … while also imagining that somehow this austerity will fall only on the greedy rich and consumerist upper middle…

Salt Lake Chamber unveils vision for Utah’s energy future

“The “Business Vision” is the outcome of 11 focus groups with college and university students, members of the Utah Legislature, and business representatives from the following sectors: agriculture and food, banking, energy and minerals, health care, hospitality and tourism, real estate and construction, technology and transportation.”

Alternative fuel movement: Logistics industry from ports to transporters searches for cleaner energy options

“Drive Clean Indiana collaborates with its commercial partners to provide a fleet analysis that looks at the total cost of ownership with different fuel alternatives to help those partners find the fuel that will work both economically and operationally for their purposes.”